The most expressive word that I can utter now is amazing. It just entail a lot of emotion and amazement and such power and beauty in the word than just plainly wow and oh…


The fireworks was just so AMAZING!!!AMAZINGAMAZING!! Silliman Univ.. I love you

My journey with Christ is so amazing. I had never experience such closeness and intervention from the Holy Spirit as this!!

My roommates are so AMAZING!!!

The faith of the people around me are just so amazing!!! It’s just so compelling, so radiant, so obvious and it’s indeed overflowing!!!! Oh I will have such faith and even more!!!! I’m excited!!


The feeling when all you can do is watch him in admiration. you claim that a glimpse of him is okay but you knew it isn’t but just afraid to ask for more. It might entail oh alot more pain than happiness. So you settled for just ‘a glimpse of him’. Then he passed by and you smiled painfully –  oh perhaps it isn’t just because of future pains if you pursue him but because you’re not supposed to. The status quo   command that the guy hould be the one to take notice and go after and you knew that you are not that noticable amidst such a beautiful crowd. So you just smiled painfully. But it doesn’t have to be that way. God wills that we be glad in Him so  that even in pain, we can smile genuinely despite of. Because through him we can overcome. 😉

Edith Carson Hall in Wonderland

Welcome to Edith Carson Hall’s Open House in Wonderland!!!

-Welcom to Wonderland 🙂

The clock strike at 2 o’clock pm. The bell rang.  Soon people, specifically the labanderas and their kids came brushing the hallway. They were carrying large plastic bags with them and the little kids came ‘sliding in’ into the rooms with open doors. I didn’t know what happen inside the door but I heard that the term they used is ‘ hakut’ ug food’. And I’m like uh-oh, it’s a good thing we had our door closed. We just prepared paper bags outside and gave it to them so that at least we can control the evaporation of food. It was fun though. It was rather exciting.

Our preparation before the open house was indeed worth it. The food, the decoration, the money spent – it was all worth it. People come and go and get to see how fun and jolly the ECH dormers are and how out of this world ECH wonderland is.

We had life-size Alice in wonderland Characters. We had card guards on post near the pathways. We had towers and we had life-size mushrooms. We had life-size characters having tea-party in the dining room. It was amazing. Really. And that’s all thanks to our ECH president Danica Sabayle 🙂 Thanks Princess 🙂




Being True


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I can be very boring that’s why I look unto other people’s work, and try to imitate then modify it to my style. Yes, even in writing. Maybe the reason why I’m stressed with my blog instead of feeling like throwing my emotions to print is because I pressured myself to be so good at once. I had this favorite blog, and each blog is just so amazing. I never get tired of reading it. And aside from it being well-written, it’s a Christian’s blog and very helpful for Christians. The moment I saw that blog, I decided to make my own blog. I said to myself that I’ll make a very nice blog but later did I realize that what I really mean was I’ll make a blog just like that. In feel like I’m chasing someone’s heights. I know that she has written almost 40 blogs and feel like I’m sooooo sooo far behind and her style of writing is so furnished and she has a very light and jolly spirit. You can feel it in the way she write. I did not realize that by comparing my blog to hers, I am limiting my horizon. I am limiting myself to what I could do in line with my own ability, following my own pace of improvement and without any reservation. I may have a thought of writing about anger but choose not to because if it had been her blog she would write about repentance. I should be true to myself. My blog is my blog. It is a place where we develop our writing and our perspective in life. The other thing that’s slowing me down is my thought that each of my blog should be perfect and should be agreeable to everyone who would ever read it. That’s impossible!!! Oh how foolish had I been. Blogs are blogs. If we ain’t gonna use it for blog’s sake then better not. xxxxx

Speaking of Boredom….

Superficially, let’s just say I’m bored but the truth is more than that. I’m now here in the library. I never intended to be here but yeah I’m here. I’m supposed to be in MMS 201 for our Psych 11 class. I skipped my class yet again. And it was all because of…yeah you get it – boredom. I’m not really to be frankly true as in bored that I found nothing to do. Actually I was delayed for our psych class because I was busy looking for the perfect template for my then I found out that it’s just limited so I tired looking for other sources of templates specifically diary like templates and I found one and it offers a lot of diary templates. I was able to download one but I later found out that I cannot use it for my because uploading of templates is only supported in I sighed. all my efforts vanish in the wind. I tried searching and considered transfering to this whatever blogging site and making this transfer my third. But I did not transfer because I cannot. It would require me to have at least one web host that would reach their minimum requirement. Oh so complicated. I just want my blog to look good. :(. I want it to have a diary and comfy look. But the bottom line why I started this futile work was all because of boredom. I found nothing to do then and I could not sleep. I remembered my blog and I remembered my friends’ blog. Their blogs are customized and mine isn’t. So I decided to work on my blog. Though their blog templates weren’t really those worth my envy, I persevered on having a perfect blog. I don’t know why. Oh, yeah, I know why – because I’m bored. Lesson learned, don’t drown yourself into stuff because of boredom. Whoooo….. I’m tired. At least I’ve espressed my disappoinment.

I’m finally starting this blog

I’ve been wanting to start blogging since last week but circumstances did not permit. I was so busy due for midterms and my mind is just so busy my innate self was just so busy introspecting my self that I lost the required energy to actually think and see things in a better perspective so that I may write what I would appreciate afterwards. I am a complicated person. I, most of the time reflect on myself most of the times. I look on to me. On what’s wrong or right. Often times, my mind would just be so full of thoughts that I it’s so hard to organize. I guess starting a blog won’t just be fun but would also help me organize my thoughts. And yeah I can’t deny that I really want to be a good writer. Uhm.. honestly I want to be a very very good writer. Okay there you have it. I am an aspiring very very good writer and writing frequently I believe would be the only way to be just that. 🙂

“I’m not gonna stay stagnant and I won’t just let my mind rust to uselessness”

See you around guys. Girl or boy I’ll call you guys anyway. 🙂

I’ve Been Thinking…..

I have been inside my room for almost six hours. I haven’t studied for our test next week. I haven’t done my assignment. I haven’t even open any of my subject books when in fact now is the ‘most’ appropriate time to study. I’m so relax. Maybe  because having such a long free time to rest is so unusual in my schedule. I watch a movie- fireproof. I read the Bible. And now I am spending my time filling my blog with stuffs life this. I’m not wasting my time am I?

I’ve been thinking a lot these past few days. months. years. Really I’m a thinking person. I’ve read a book before and it says that sometimes we use thoughts to escape life. It continues by asking the boy who was always thinking about cool stuffs if he has ever experienced all those stuffs and the boy answered no. So the older one conclude that you are escaping life by feeling the reverie just in your thoughts and not actually experiencing ‘ life’.  I was actually paused for awhile there. I didn’t realize that I was reading that part over and over again. I pondered. I wondered. Was I escaping life? No, I don’t think so. That teaching or principle is flawed. Yeah when you stop to experience stuff that can be said that you are avoiding having a good time with life but to say that we sometimes use our thoughts to escape life could be another thing. We always think. And before we engage to anything we think. We ponder. We balance certain things and try to identify which is good from bad. We always do that. What keeps us from living life is our character. Our attitude. I’m not going to give a sermon on how this could be conquered because there ain’t no formula or any easy method to that. Actually there isn’t any method that we can do to successfully change ourselves. There isn’t. It is only God who can make us totally new. We may not be perfect but God will perfect us. If we direct our heart toward God, we will come to know that He is the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

God is Love

I’m so overwhelmed with the aftermath of watching such a great movie. I’m actually staring at the laptop’s screen, my fingers just strategically arranged just millimeters away from the keypads cause I’m ready to write but I just drop short of words or extravagant expression to let you feel and know just how happy and enlightened and just how loved I feel today.

One very striking line said in the movie is ” Don’t leave your partner especially during fire.” This was first said when the captain of the fire department leaved his partner when they were struggling with the fire consuming the building. It was then repeated near the end when Caleb the husband, apologize to his wife about his own selfishness and he said that he desire to save their marriage. He said that in the process God has given him love a love that the moment he receive it he wanted to share it. He has found a new found love for his wife. He said that he will never leave his partner especially during fire.

The Bible is the Truth

Matthew 15:14

” Stay away from those Pharisees! They are like blind people leading other blind people, and all of them will fall into a ditch.”
It is wrong to judge or even label or accuse people of being blind leaders who lead their constituents to pit holes. It is wrong. It is also wrong to say that Pharisees only exist thousands of years ago because in all generation, in the changing persona, Pharisees tend to exist. It can be our parents, our brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, strangers, TV/movie star, advertisements, magazines, teachers, society, culture, tradition, books, teaching, principles, philosophies, and it could even be a church or a religion.
It is definitely hard to see whom among the people we relate daily would lead us to pit holes if we don’t know the truth ourselves. The usual tendency is for the blind to follow the blind. If we see, we can recognize the way and surely choose the way the leads to life.
I wonder sometime ago what truth is. Such deep thoughts of questioning was triggered by my monotonous routinary life. I was confused why when I was still a kid I had so many dreams of who I want to be when I grew up but when I think about my dreams, even the sensible ones, I can no longer see the significance in them nor can I no longer remember the feeling of enthusiasm I had. My thoughts linger through the depths of my mind but I find no answer. What is life for? Do I just study, have honors, graduate, go to college, then work? I find it so hard to accept that we cram for a project because of a very shallow reason – to have money. I read self- help books. I look up to people who are grown up, working but are happy and they don’t seem to have a monotonous and pressuring life. I tried their methods and formula of success and happiness. I tried the law of attraction, think positive, like attracts like, I chant mantras and stuffs. But days later, my enthusiasm about these “methods” would just fade and I uttered a soft sigh of frustration. ” Why did it not work for me?”All methods failed and that’s it – back to a life with so many demands which results to a bitter and guarded heart. Little did I know that all those times I had been following a blind leader and I had fallen into a ditch.
I’m in a ditch but I had a questioning mind and I crave from something I knew deep inside my heart. I felt so empty and so far from the something I cannot remember. I thought maybe it was a friend because I don’t have much close friends. Or maybe it was a bonding with my parents. Or maybe a lover.
I don’t how it happen but people just appear into my life and introduced to me a familiar thing. Yes, the bible. They told me how it is the only source of truth. God authored it. I knew all the stuff they told me but it is at that moment when I was so lost and so empty was I able to somehow grasp the meaning of it being the “only” source of truth. GOD ‘authored’ it. It is ” God’s words”. And when one reads the Bible, one HEARS GOD. EXPERIENCE GOD. KNOWS GOD. RELATE TO GOD. Isn’t that refreshing to know? Isn’t that liberating? Oh, it is. And this is just the beginning! I have so much to know. God’s not done with me. I’m excited. Whooooo Come on!

Even If I May Still Be Here

I should desire not but You
I want You to take over my life
I want to be free from my own destructive self
Free me from thoughts of selfishness
Empty me from my own desires which you don’t desire
Make your desires my own
Make you love my own
Fill my cup to the brim with what you fill Your cup
Empty the bucket I worked hard to fill
Replace it with the truth.
Replace it with Your love
I am undeserving, I know
With what I am and with what I have done
I need not voice out my raggedness
It is in every inch of my being
I have been contaminated by this world
Oh, cleanse me
You alone can
I seek peace from friends and books
But I did not found
Now I seek You Lord
I am a sinner as Eve sinned as Saul sinned, as Peter sinned
I complained and I walked away.
I was blind and ignorant
Let me accept fully that I am a sinner
Help me understand that I am nothing without You
Lord, purify me. Sanctify my sinful flesh, mind, and mouth.
I, even with everything I have and will ever have can never sustain myself through life
Nothing has ever sustained me but You.
It is now that I realized that.
But I’m not sure if I fully understand that.
Perhaps my understanding is still shallow and my words are floating in water
Give me strong foundation to build roots
Help me to not falter
I now seek you
I know I shall find you
By then Lord God, I shall belong to as I originally was
I shall live in Your love, in Your kingdom,
Even if I may still be here
Yes, even if I may still be here